2I's 3 - Rockin' in Soho
100 Club London, 19th April 2008
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Picture: Rockin' Gerry

Picture: City Ramblers Revival

1. Rockin' Gerry

2. City Ramblers Revival

Picture: Houseband: Trevor Pete John

Picture: Houseband: Bunter

3. Houseband: Trevor, Pete and John

4, Bunter plays with the Houseband

Picture: Michael T Clayton

Picture: Michael T Clayton

5. Michael T Clayton

6. Michael T Clayton

Picture: John Spencely

Picture: Jenny Laine

7. John Spencely guesting with the Houseband

8. Jenny Laine: Patsy Cline tribute



9. Dick Middleton "Out Of The Shadows"

10. "Out Of The Shadows" with 'Licorice' Locking

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