My fondest memory is the first time the needle went down on 'We Gonna Make It' released on UK Mint Records, Chew 5. Roger's ultra soulful voice, along with great orchestration and backup chorus made this delicately balanced ballad soul purity. Born September 29th 1946 in Birmingham, Alabama. Surrounded by a soulful musical family, was cousin to legend Edwin Starr, brother Willie Hatcher recorded for Excello, Columbia and Scepter, so it's no surprise he followed the normal footpath into the music business, via his local church choir, resulting in a long spasmodic recording career, although not that successful chart wise, but along the way making some wonderful recordings for various labels. His genuinely distinctive high-pitched voice was one of the most unique ever to record in soul land. His family moved to Detroit.

In 1964 Hatcher makes his first appearance on disc as Little Roger Hatcher on Dotty's Records, a bluesy 'I Need You'/'Get A Hold Of Yourself' Dotty's 346. Moving back south, his Career was put on hold until he signed in 1969 for Nashboro's, having just the one single released, a slow ballad, 'I'm Gonna Dedicate My Song To You' b/w an up-tempo soul goody 'Sweetest Girl In The World' Excello 2297. Another gap before Hatcher reappears on disc in 1972 'I Dedicate My Life To You'/'I'm Gonna Make Love To Somebody's Old Lady' Volt 4084. 1973 was the year of his adulterous immortal deep soul classic 'Caught Making Love' (literally with his trousers down) b/w 'Do Not Disturb' it was originally released on his own Black Soul Label 101, but was picked up by Columbia Records 45993. It was Clarence Carter's worthy cover that took the tune to number one R&B.


He returns to Nashville in around 1975, where he signs for Brown Dog Records, releasing his second classic, which was his only R&B chart hit, 'We Gonna Make It' b/w a snappy jogger, 'High Blood Pressure' Brown Dog 9009. In 1978 he forms his own record company, Super Bad Records, releasing just one single, and what appears to be his last output. 'That's When I'll Stop Loving You'/? There was also a very rare album released in 1975 R and BETTER on Guinness Records 36033. Died in July.